Your Visit

The Enchanted Christmas House is a guided interactive show with songs, performances and games throughout.

The baddies are trying to ruin Christmas. Father Christmas needs your children to sing as loud as they can, make and decorate Christmas decorations, play till their hearts content and dance till they can’t dance anymore to save Christmas.

The activities at the house include:

The Garden of Winter Wonder

Your journey will begin in ‘The Garden of Winter Wonder’ where there will be a veritable feast of fabulous play activities. These activities are designed not only to be fun, but also to develop their creativity and imagination.

There will be about half an hour of play in this room where the children can dress up to their hearts content with a selection of different Disney Characters, perform their very own puppet play, try their hand at the ‘Construction Zone’, the ‘Lets Pretend Zone’, and the always popular ‘Messy Zone’!

The Elves will then bring everyone together for a small show, introducing you to some of the characters you will see around the house

The Busy Elves Workshop

The Elves will then take your family to make Christmas themed arts and crafts where your children’s creativity is bound to shine.

Children love spending time as a family so these activities are designed to be done as a family where you can create something together. Completing something from scratch gives your child a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Whilst making your arts and crafts sing a song and meet some of Santa’s magical characters.

The Gingerbread Kitchen

Join Mrs Claus in the Gingerbread Kitchen and meet the gingerbread man.

Grab an apron and decorate your own Gingerbread Man with a selection of different sweets, colours and chocolates.

Play interactive games with Mrs Claus and other magical characters.

Genie’s Christmas Cave

Meet a Genie and play interactive games with him that are filled with fantasy and fun.

There are surprise meetings with Magical Characters and a treasure hunt for gold coins.

Grab a musical instrument and help the Genies make magic.

Meet Santa Claus in his Grotto

Meet Father Christmas in his Grotto and receive a present.

All visits to Father Christmas are personalised, Father Christmas will know your children’s name, age and their likes upon meeting them. we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire about the children when making the booking.

The visits are private for your family only and the Elves will come find you around the house so there is no queuing.

An Interactive Play

A stunning interactive live musical theatre that brings together all of Santa’s magical friends that you have seen throughout the house.

A fun and energetic performance that will charm and delight, featuring puppets, sing- along songs and games.

For restless babies there is a tranquil environment where the parent and baby can take a moment to relax. The peace garden uses fibre-optic lights and bubble tubes to stimulate your child’s senses, heighten their awareness and promote relaxation. This is also an ideal space for children that are shy as they can slowly join in the fun without feeling overwhelmed.

Throughout the session we will serve tea and coffee and mince pies and Mulled Wine during the interactive play for the adults.