Are Air Fryers Really That Good?

People are pretty health conscious these days. It’s come to a point where if you want to create a hype about anything at all, all you have to do is to somehow link it to fat loss and people will buy it like hotcakes. While it’s a great thing that we’re trying to collectively be healthier as a society, this also means that there are many gimmicky products out there that people are still buying, hoping for betterment.

To those who don’t know any better, the air fryer could come across as one of such gimmicky products. We’re here to tell you otherwise and that if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you should consider investing in one of these air fryers as well. So how does it work? When you place food in a pan of hot oil, it gets cooked by the rising currents of hot oil. The air fryer does the same thing but with currents of hot air instead. Head over to to learn more about how these work.

The results are pretty promising; the food is piping hot, crispy on the outside and extremely rich in flavour. When you fat fry foods, some of the juices get absorbed by the oil – something that doesn’t happen in an air fryer. This is why air fried foods are bursting with flavours. Sometimes the air fryer recipe book will ask you to add some oil to the food you’re cooking but once the oil gives the texture to the food, it falls to the basin of the fryer because of the air currents.

All in all, an air fryer would make a great addition to your kitchen; it’s healthier and makes your food taste incredible.