6 Great Holiday Gifts for Disney Fans

The thing about becoming a Disney fan is that you never stop being one. Whether you fall in love with Mickey Mouse or any of the countless characters that the Disney verse has to offer, those characters will continue to stick with you. This makes it very easy to buy a gift for a Disney fan. There is a huge variety of Disney merchandise and paraphernalia out there, ranging from cute looking action figures to insanely good looking items that would make great gifts. Let’s take a look at some superb Disney items that would make great gift for the coming holiday season.

#1 RockLove Jewelry’s Shell Locket

Ursula’s locket from The Little Mermaid has never looked so great. Rocklove Jewelry has gone out of its way to design an incredibly accurate version of this iconic locket. From its black cord to the detailed shell adorning the cord, this locket would put a smile on pretty much anyone’s face. What makes it even more fascinating is the fact that just like in the movie, this shell locket has a secret hidden inside of it. The shell locket has silver notes built inside of it that produce a delicate melody which sounds nostalgically close to Ariel’s voice.

#2 12 Days of Mickey Mouse Socks

One can never have enough socks, which is why they make such great gifts. Currently, you can find a variety of 12 day Mickey Mouse sock packs in target. These sock packs are adorned with Disney characters from all eras; ranging from Mickey Mouse himself to Star Wars characters. These socks are also quite comfortable, so they are an awesome gift choice for any Disney fan.

#3 Peter Pan Kate Spade Tote

If you know someone who is into Disney and also appreciates designer accessories then this Tote bag by Kate Spade might make a great gift. Its half glittery lower part adds a touch of dazzle to the bag and the iconic Peter Pan quote written on it makes the bag really stand out. Kate Spade has a number of other accessories as well that they have designed in collaboration with Disney.

#4 Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

Headphones that look good feel good to wear. These headphones are a collaboration with Disney for celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. They are covered with images of the mouse that make these headphones quite unique. The headphones are a Disney collector’s dream; they have a number of custom details that make them one of a kind.

#5 Disney X Vans Snag Backpack

Vans is known for being a frequent collaborator. The company teamed up with Disney to make this practical and great looking snag backpack that is emblazoned with Mickey Mouse’s iconic colours. The bag is water repellent, has a laptop sleeve, a water bottle pouch, and padded straps for added comfort.

#6 Chip Mug

While this version of the iconic talking mug won’t have much to say, it certainly looks great. It can be used as a normal mug or kept on a shelf as a memorable collector’s item.