5 of Europe’s Most Magical Christmas Cities

There is something about Christmas that makes the holiday season feel like a fairy tale. The soft white snow, the glittering adornments, and the feeling of joy that fills the air feels so wholesome. There are some places in Europe that begin to overflow with the Christmas spirit. We aren’t talking about the mainstream attractions that draw in hordes of people, we are talking about more peaceful cities that preserve that picturesque feeling of Christmas time.

#1 Winchester, UK

UK’s once capital has a hauntingly beautiful feel to it throughout the year. When Christmas comes along, this city becomes even more gorgeous with its peaceful markets, its streets adorned with Christmas decorations, and the impressive Winchester Cathedral looming over everything. If you happen to visit Winchester during the holiday season, make sure to roam around in its marketplaces. Its Watercress Line steam train is a must see too.

#2 Coburg, Germany

If you ever wanted to spend Christmas in medieval Europe than Coburg is where your dream can come true. The city’s cobbled streets and historic looking homes look amazing during Christmas time. The markets become flooded with Bavarian handicrafts and the whole city is illuminated with breath taking light displays. To make things feel even more medieval, there are even horse cart rides and organ music, Coburg’s timeless ambiance is something that everyone should get to enjoy at least once in their lives.

#3 Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

This tiny town has a miniscule population of 6000 and it is situated right between the Dolomites’ peaks. Cortina is snowy throughout the year and is primarily a ski resort, you can expect to see people coming here throughout the year to unwind. The small town has a lot to offer in terms of sights and experiences, it can be an awesome holiday retreat thanks to its charm.

#4 Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp isn’t a mainstream place, which is exactly why it is worth visiting. The small town’s pubs offer traditional beer and a very cosy environment in which you can lounge around throughout the night. During the day, the town’s Groenplaats provides an awesome place for family hangout where children can enjoy rides and parents can indulge in the variety of foods that the Mercado food hall has to offer. After a long day of enjoying the sights, one can retire to a cosy pub and drink to their heart’s content.

#5 Zagreb, Croatia

You don’t see a lot of people heading to Croatia to spend their holidays, which is great since this has helped Croatia preserve its ambiance for many years now. Zagreb is where you can enjoy Croatia’s ambiance the most. The city’s market has been a great place for getting sausages along with mulled wine for a long time. The market has begun offering live concerts now that make them even livelier. You can also roam around and explore the recently added rakija bars that dot the markets. After you have had enough of its marketplace, you can head over to the many other attractions in this city, such as the New Advent celebrations.